ConcordAgriculture Committee

This Committee consists of 5 residents of the Town appointed by the Select Board each for staggered five-year terms. The membership shall be as follows:

  • 3 members representing farmer interest who are engaged in farming

  • 2 citizens at-large interested in promoting farming

The purpose of the Committee is to provide a forum for the discussion of interest and concern to farmers in Concord and to advise the Select Board concerning how the town can help to support farming in Concord.


  • Happy Goethert, Chair

  • Brian Cramer

  • Dudley Goar

  • Emily Wheeler

  • Lise Holdorf

  • Jo-Ann Lovejoy

Meetings of the Agriculture Committee occur every third Thursday of the month and are open to the public. You can view agendas and minutes and contact this committee from the town website.

Concord Gardeners Cooperative

The Concord Gardeners Cooperative came together in 2012 to share information and expertise that will promote a healthy, sustainable food system and "build a town-wide home gardening network" as recommended by the Food Assessment Report. We offer a calendar of programs, and are co-sponsor of the Farm and Garden Fair designed to increase public interest in growing local. 



Carlisle Agriculture Commission

The Carlisle Agricultural Commission strives to encourage the continued pursuit of agriculture in Carlisle by promoting agricultural-based economic opportunities in town, offering resources for farmers, advocating for the preservation of agricultural lands, and pursuing all initiatives appropriate to retaining farming in Carlisle.


  • Steven Huberman

  • Andrew Rodgers

  • Leslie Thomas

  • Peter Mastromarino

  • Judith Asarkof

Associate Members

  • Steven Carlin

  • John Lee

  • Olec Lorenc

  • Kay Fairweather

  • Laura Zimmaro