The Concord Carlisle Food Collaborative is an open network and online resource facilitating information sharing and the building of local food connections in Concord and Carlisle Massachusetts.

The mission of the Concord Carlisle Food Collaborative is to celebrate and grow our vibrant, local food system.

The Concord Carlisle Food Collaborative is open to all individuals, businesses, and organizations with an interest in the mission. There is no membership requirement - just an appreciation and interest in the farms, gardens, and good food abundant in our community.


The Collaborative is guided by a Steering Committee and Advisors responsible for overseeing and co-coordinating the activities and outreach of the Collaborative.

Steering Committee

Matt Bank
Partner at Windhorse Capital Management

Maria Barker
Director of Nutrition and School Food Services, Concord Public Schools

Brian Cramer


Manager, Hutchins Farm; Town of Concord Agriculture Committee Member; Town Pollinator Health Committee Member

Joan Daniels

Community organization and outreach facilitator; Sustainable Food and Agriculture Enthusiast; Professional background in corporate and government interior design

Marjie Findlay
Co-owner, Clark Farm

Amy Noordzij

Professional Chef, Gaining Ground Board Member

Brooke Redmond
(2013, 2014–2019)
Volunteer Coordinator, Concord Carlisle Food Collaborative; Special Gifts Officer, Shelburne Farms, VT; Trustee, Concord Museum; Principal Consultant, Radish Road


Polly Reeve  
Director of Development, Massachusetts Audubon's Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary; Vice-Chairman, Concord Land Conservation Trust

Kim Wass
Member of the Garden Club of Concord


In November 2009 several local groups* hosted a screening of Food, Inc. In discussion sessions following the film, committees were created to set agendas, action items and outreach strategies to improve school food, support the vibrant local agriculture, and build community around the important issues of sustainability, wellness, and climate change.

This website was established soon after to build a community of information sharing and to establish local food connections to strengthen a healthy, accessible, and sustainability local food system.

The Concord Carlisle Food Collaborative grew out of the 2012 report on Concord’s food system, Building Local Food Connections: A Community Food Assessment, Concord, Massachusetts. The report documented Concord’s many food-related assets and identified key steps that Concord can take to build a vibrant, localized food system that promotes human, environmental, and economic health.


The Community Food System Assessment’s “Six Critical Recommendations for Concord’s Local Food System” :

1. Establish a local food council

2. Implementing farm-to-institution programs.

3. Promote a town-wide gardening movement.

4. Revitalize animal husbandry in Concord.

5. Match farmers and growers with suitable land in Concord.

6. Permanently protect farmland for agricultural use.


In September 2014, the Concord Food Council (CFC) launched officially as an ad hoc, volunteer Council comprised of twelve members representing a wide range of stakeholders in the Concord and surrounding region’s food system. In 2016 Council members determined the community would be better served with a broader more collaborative structure. The Council was dissolved, members shifted into a Steering Committee, and the Concord Food Collaborative was launched in June 2016. In the spirit of inclusion and collaboration Carlisle was added in 2017.


*The League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle, ConcordCAN (Concord Climate Action Network), Carlisle Climate Action, and Concord-Carlisle Adult & Community Education

Concord Food Report

Building Local Food Connections is a 100 page assessment of the Concord food system. This report, completed in 2012 by two graduate students, is full of well researched data and stories provided by a broad cross-section of the Concord community. Concord's Community Food Assessment is complete with gorgeous pictures, rich profiles and history, graphs, charts, informative data, and recommendations about the unique and vibrant Concord food system.


In 2013, the steering committee for the report project established an ad hoc food council (as recommended and defined in the report). In 2017 the Concord Food Council became the Concord & Carlisle Food Collaborative.